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Secrets of Practice!

Posted by: Poppin John

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Poppin John

11:11 am, Tuesday, March 30th, 2011! whats up everyone welcome to the site! get ready for the rush of information you are about to receive! Over 60 instructuional vids! I want to talk a little bit about a training secret I have.....Many people around the world ask me "how do you practice? Do you just pop all day or what?" People the secret is a formula that was broken down to me by my friend AquaBoogie from Flordia. There are 2 elements to the way I practice (first element) when im in the studio infront of the mirror i practice different styles of poppin.... Example.....for 15 min i practice just waving the next 15 robot the next tutting ect. In practice i dont "session"  i actually practice different styles....(second element) Session.....i go to a friends house the club anywhere that has a good session environment and I get dowm hard... I combo in and out of styles when im sessioning i go from waving ,to boogaloo, to robotic style waving, to speed changes ect. i combo the styles that i practice in practice...each element of this formula is just as important as the other...if you just session all the time you will have a stong pop and a nice get down but less of and arsenal of moves and content. If you just practice in the mirror at different styles your "Get down" will be lacking and your transition in and out of moves will be weak. So there is a lil secret i hope you guy enjoy and apply this to your dance i PROMISE it will help!

Poppin John

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