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Poppin John Here,

“The biggest problem with some dancers today is they don’t have guidance and accessible instruction” Is this you?  Some people learn from Youtube where the videos are low quality bad lighting and sometimes misleading, I am bringing you full quality great instructional video, battle footage not seen any where else and sooo much more!

“I have been Poppin and competing for over 10 years now, and am considered to be one of the top up and coming dancers of today, recognized by dancers all over the world! I have won many battles and I have been in tons of Poppin videos. I teach my own classes and you can learn how to dance from me in your town!

The Best and Easiest way to start dancing today!

  • You can start TODAY you don’t need to wait 2 weeks or even 2 minutes!
  • The faster you start the quicker you can WOW your friends or even the ladies!!
  • Learn with out your friend and family knowing and you can surprise them with your amazing new dance moves!

You don’t need to wait one second the faster you start the faster you learn and you can impress your friends today!

Learn how to Dance in the privacy of your own home!

Learning Poppin in the privacy of your own home is perfect.. you can learn with out being embarrassed.

  • You never need to be shy or scared wile you are learning!
  • This gives you the perfect comfortable environment for learning. 
  • Learn faster because people in a studio do not distract you!
  • Learn how to dance at your own pace!

It is important to be comfortable and not embarrassed and learning in your own home is perfect!

Learn Poppin through Poppin John’s Instructional Videos!

Poppin John’s Instructional Videos make it easy for you to learn Poppin! He breaks down every movement Step By Step.
  • You get the videos today!
  • The moves are broken down to where it is almost impossible for you to NOT learn!!
These instructional Videos are perfect for any dancer Beginner or advanced the movements are broken down to where everyone can learn something new!!

Become a Member of Poppin John’s Online Studio! And you will get a FREE Poppin John Solo DVD!! 60 Min long full of Battle footage Practice and Performances!!! FREE!!

Being a member gives you tips everyday on Poppin, exclusive interviews and battle footage from Poppin John!! Not seen anywhere else!! Along with your FREE DVD!!!

  • Learn something new everyday that will help you be a better dancer.
  • Know what is going on in the dance world.. Competitions and interviews.
  • Be the first to know when new videos are being released.

Becoming a member is a necessity in learning these dances you will be trippin on how fast you pick it up!

All of this for only $29.99 a month!!

“So you could spend $70 to $100 a month in a crowded dance studio and not learn as fast as my step by step system.

Get Tips everyday right in your own home: $90.00 value FREE

Know first about up and coming events and videos: $25.00 FREE

Poppin John’s Solo DVD Vol. 2 FREE FREE!!!
A $25.00 value FREE!!
Battle footage ,Practice Sessions, Performances 90 Min of hard core Poppin!!!

100% No Risk Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your membership you can cancel at anytime no questions asked!!!! And you can Keep the DVD!!

“So act now as this offer is only available for the first 100 members!– click here to invest in this life changing offer”

Peace out!!!

Poppin John
SoulBotics Krew!

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